Reviving and Gathering of the Sons of God!

HOW Satan Controls MAN WITH HIS Pastors THE Mythical serpent, THE Mammoth, AND THE Bogus PROPHET.

Man has been in murkiness for an exceptionally significant time-frame, in fact since the offense of Adam in the Nursery of Eden, man has REQUEST A PROPHETIC WORD never known harmony. The explanation is that man has would not find himself like the reckless child, who after he had squandered every one of his products in a weird land, having ended up at a go across the street with no one to help. At the point when he has begun to act normally again, recalling that he was a sovereign, being a child of a lord and that his dad’s workers have enough food to eat and to save, while he was biting the dust of craving in a remote land. He chose to come back to his dad, requesting his pardoning and mentioning that he may acknowledge him back as one of his recruited workers. The consequence of his activity was both fulfilling and amazingly incredible, as he was acknowledged as well as respected by his dad since he was made a ruler that day he returned. This is the thing that man has would not do, much after Jesus Christ has come to reclaim him from every one of his difficulties. Man has kept on staying in a peculiar land by his constant holding of Satan in his body. His dismissal of Satan and acknowledgment of Christ the Soul and Realm of God today would mean his arrival to God, his Dad, and his body which was an abnormal land because of Satan – the outsider in it, will end up being the place where there is the Living or the Greatness of all Land, since God, the proprietor has gone into it. All things considered, having seen man’s reluctance to come back to God, Satan has kept on keeping up his hang on man by contriving different methods by which to fix his grasp on man. This is uncovered in the sacred text, and it peruses: “And I saw three messy spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the monster, and out of the mouth of the brute and out of the mouth of the bogus prophets. For they are the spirits of fiends working supernatural occurrences which go forward unto the rulers of the earth, and the entire world, to assemble them to the skirmish of that extraordinary day of God All-powerful” – Disclosure 16:13-14.

The winged serpent, the monster, and the bogus prophets are the clergymen of Satan, the three classes of individuals that Satan is utilizing to control man and further separate him from God. The three messy spirits that came out of the mouth of the three workers of Satan are the evil lies with which they mislead the individuals of the world. Recollect that the Ruler Jesus had said that the word he spake where soul and life, his statement which is the reality of the situation, is life since it is the expression of God: while the expression of Satan is untruth and demise. The man was made and made to rely upon God for every one of his needs and God, as a caring Dad, would take care of him, dress him and furnish him with asylum and every one of his needs, Consequently: “Along these lines, I state unto you, take no idea for your life, what ye will eat, or what ye will drink, nor yet for your body what ye will put on. Isn’t the existence more than meat and the body than clothing? View the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do the harvest, nor accumulate into horse shelters, yet your brilliant Dad feedeth them. Are ye very little superior to them? Hence take no idea, saying, What will we eat? Or then again what will we drink? Or then again fortitude will we be dressed? (For after every one of these things does the Gentiles look for:) For your grand Dad knoweth that ye have need of every one of these things. However, look for ye first the realm of God, and his honesty and every one of these things will be included unto you” – Mathew 6:25-26,31-33. Everything that man is pursuing today, regardless of whether things made by researchers or mechanical revelations, they are not up to the shadow of things that he had arranged for them that adoration him, which they will get without working. But since man got Satan (lie) into his body and dismissed God, he was in this manner spurned by God. His inclination for Satan welcomed extraordinary burdens on him that, not exclusively is he in distress, yet additionally in the perspiration of his face is eating bread every one of his days on the earth.

This predominance of Satan on man is made conceivable by his clergymen viz: – The Mythical serpent, The Monster, and the Bogus prophets.

THE Monster: The sacred text depicted Satan as a mythical serpent: “And the incredible winged serpent was thrown out, that old snake called the demon, and Satan, which deceiveth the entire world, he was thrown out into the earth, and his heavenly attendants were thrown out with him” – Revelation12:9. Each man who has the astuteness of this world is a mythical serpent or snake since that is the insight that brought forth him. A similar way that each one that gets the Soul of God in him is a child of God. John the Baptist and our Master Jesus affirmed this in the sacred text, along these lines: “Yet when he saw a significant number of the Pharisees and the Sadducees go to his submersion, he said unto them, O! Age of snakes who hath cautioned you to escape from the fierceness to come” – Mathew 3:7. “Ye snakes ye age of snakes, how might you get away from the condemnation of damnation?” – Matthew 23:33. The shrewdness of this world is falsehood and murkiness, which is Satan that man got in his body in the nursery of Eden – Beginning 3:1-7; Isaiah 9:19. While reality which man must get to live and appreciate all the beneficial things that God had arranged for them that affection him, is Christ the light of the world. Presently the individuals who have gotten Christ, the force, and insight of God in themselves are the children of God, the reclaimed of the Master, the genuine adherents, and conceived once more.

The mythical serpents are the local specialists, clinical specialists, researchers, attorneys, soothsayers, alchemists, performers, and each one of those men whom the individuals race to when they are distressed by Satan. They all give counterfeit mending, counterfeit security, counterfeit resistance, counterfeit opportunity and developments that anomalistically will in general assistance man endure, however actually they are life quenchers since they dishonestly make man rely upon them than to rely upon God in whom our life and being are consummated – Acts 17:27-28, 1Corinthians 15:27-28. Man, in his disarray would state, ‘Paradise enables the individuals who to support themselves’. This suggests God likewise urges him to look for help from the local specialists and every other mythical beast, at whatever point they are distressed by Satan. God prohibit! In what manner would god be able to request that one look for the living among the dead? The main way man can be liberated from the burdens of Satan is by dismissing Satan and getting Christ in himself.

THE Mammoths: The brutes are portrayed in the sacred writing as the lords, the leaders of the countries of the earth: “These incredible monsters, which are four, will be four rulers, which will emerge out of the earth” – Daniel 7:17. This incorporates the presidents and tops of the nations of the world, the rich men, and the astute and honorable men. Satan utilizes this classification of men to control the individuals – making them accept that everything is in their grasp. They guarantee life, riches, opportunity, food, clinical consideration, water, harmony, and so forth. They additionally utilize a significant number of the associations, shaped by them to additionally mislead man to accept that the mammoths are large that the individuals required. Such associations are human rights associations that are set up to guard the privileges of people. Though no man is free nor can any man free another from the hand of Satan, spare the individuals who have gotten the Soul of God in them. Another association is for harmony no man has tranquility in himself, neither can any man appreciate nor give what he doesn’t have. The main individuals who have tranquility are the individuals who have Christ in themselves. “For he is our tranquility, who hath made both one, and hath separated the center mass of parcel between us” – Ephesians 2:14. Christ additionally is our shrewdness, our nobility, our purification, and recovery – 1Corinthians 1:30. The main way any man can have life, harmony, opportunity, security, barrier, and each different rights, is to get Christ, the Soul of God in himself since Christ is the Soul and Realm of God. The individuals who got Christ in them, have come back to God their Dad, for it is God alone that can give, secure and give us harmony and life – 1John 5:12.

THE Bogus PROPHETS: The bogus prophets are those men that Jesus cautioned concerning them, in this manner: “Be careful with bogus prophets which come to you in sheep’s apparel, yet internally they are ravening wolves. Ye will know them by their organic products. Do men assemble grapes of thistles or figs of thorns? Indeed, even so, every great tree bringeth forward great organic product, yet every degenerate tree bringeth forward abhorrent natural product. A decent tree can’t deliver the insidious organic product, neither can a degenerate tree deliver great natural product” – Matthew 7:15-18. The bogus prophets that Jesus alluded to in the above stanzas are those men who, not just have debased the expression of God in blasphemy, yet additionally have fabricated structures which they call holy places or places of God; rather than the man whom God has framed for his wonder (abode) – Jews 8:2. Messenger Paul affirms: “What? Know ye not that your body is the sanctuary of the Heavenly Apparition which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are purchased with a cost, along these lines laud God in your body and in your soul, which are God’s” – 1Corinthians 6:19-20. “If ye be rebuked for the name of Christ, glad are ye; for the soul of greatness and of God resteth upon you: on their part, he is insidiously talked about, yet on your part, he is celebrated” – 1 Diminish 4:14. Additionally, read the accompanying refrains Jews 3:6; 1Corinthians 3:9 2Corinthians 6:16; John 17:1,4,5; Colossians 1:13,27; 1Corinthians 11:7,15, The sheep’s apparel with which they come to us are those names which were borne by the Missionaries of Christ, yet which this tricky laborers presently bear so they would be acknowledged by the individuals. The names are Ministers, Prophets, Instructors, Messengers, Evangelists and now they have added to the rundown, influential godly man, general managers, otherworldly dads and moms, immaculate experts, Jehovah witnesses, organizers of places of worship, reverend dads, reverend specialists, profound pioneers, clerics and so on. While they bear these names, they feed the individuals with lies, neither do they bring the good news of harmony and expression of compromise, as did the missionaries of Christ – Ephesians 6:15, 2 Corinthians 5:18-19, nor do they know God whom they guarantee to serve. For this God had stated: “Hardship be unto the ministers that wreck and dissipate the sheep of my field, saith the Ruler. In this way consequently saith the Master Divine force of Israel against the ministers that feed my kin; ye have dispersed my group, and driven them away, and have not visited them; see, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Ruler” – Jeremiah 23:1-2. “The ministers said not, where is the Ruler? What’s more, they that handle the law knew me not: the ministers additionally violated against me, and the prophets forecasted by Baal and strolled after things that don’t benefit” – Jeremiah 2:8. “Furthermore, they twist their tongues like their bow for the lie: yet they are not courageous for reality upon the earth; for they continue from evil to fiendishness, and they know not me, saith the Master. Thine residence is amidst misdirection; through misleading they will not know me, saith the Ruler” – Jeremiah 9:3,6. “For the ministers are got brutish, and have not looked for the Ruler: In this manner, they will not flourish, and every one of their groups will be dispersed” – Jeremiah 10:21. “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not addressed them, yet they forecasted” – Jeremiah 23:21. In truth, they are laborers of injustice, pastors of Satan serving their midsection, and acquiring abhorrent apostasies. Messenger Dwindle affirms: “However there were bogus prophets likewise among the individuals, even as there will be bogus educators among you, who privily will acquire abhorrent apostasies, in any event, denying the Master that brought them, and bringing upon themselves quick decimation. Furthermore, many will follow their malignant ways; because of whom, the method of truth will be maliciously discussed. What’s more, though avarice will they with faked words make a product of you, whose judgment now of quite a while lingereth not, and their perdition slumbereth not” – 2Peter 2:1-3. “For they that are such serve not our Master Jesus Christ, yet their tummy: and by great words and reasonable discourses mislead the hearts of the straightforward” – Romans 16:18. All the marvels, the signs and ponders done by these malicious specialists are by the working of Satan to delude the individuals into accepting that they are doing them by Christ. Accordingly: “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all force and signs and lying ponder, and with all deceivableness of indecency in them that die; since they got not the affection for reality, that they may be spared. What’s more, for this reason, God will send them solid fancy, that they ought to accept a falsehood: that they all may be condemned who accepted not reality, however, have delight in profaneness” – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to state here, that the 6th thousand years which is at its last end presently has been the day of murkiness, the period that Satan is loosed after he had been fastened and thrown into the abyss for a thousand years, in this way: “And I saw a holy messenger descend from paradise, having the key of the abyss and an incredible chain in his grasp. What’s more, he laid hang on the winged serpent, that old snake which is the fallen angel, and Satan, and bound him, a thousand years. Also, cast him into the abyss, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he ought to misdirect the countries no more, till the thousand years ought to be satisfied; and after that, he should be loosed a little season” – Disclosure 20:1-7. The one thousand years that Satan was bound and cast into the abyss was the fifth multi-year when the holy people (Missionaries) ruled with Christ. The little season when Satan was loosed to trick those that would trust him is the thousands of years.

Recollect that the Master Jesus talked about this day, the 6th thousand years when Satan would rule with his clergymen. “At that point, Jesus said unto them, Yet a short time is light with you. Walk while ye have the light, in case of dimness happen upon you: for him that walketh in obscurity knoweth not whither he goeth. While ye have light, have faith in the light, that you might be the offspring of light. These things spake Jesus, and withdrew, and hid from them” – John 12:35-36. Christ is the light, which the followers got and any man who needs to partake in the wonderful freedom of the children of God, must get Christ. Jesus himself affirms, consequently: “As long as I am on the planet, I am the light of the world” – John 9:5. “That was the genuine light, which lighteth each man that cometh into the world” – John 1:9. Once more, the messengers who were the offspring of light had their reign with Christ in the fifth thousand years, and through their promise, we additionally got the Soul of God, that made us the children of God. John 1:12; Romans 8:14. The messengers counseled us, in this way: “Do everything without murmurings and contesting. That ye might be innocent and innocuous, the children of God, without censure, amidst a slanted and unreasonable country, among whom ye sparkle as lights on the planet ” – Philippians 2:14-15. This is a similar light, which is the life of man – John 1:9. The 6th thousand years is known as the day of obscurity since that is the period that Satan is discharged from the abyss to manage in them whose names are not written in the book of life, and these individuals are the world. “The brute that thou sawest was, and isn’t; and will rise out of the abyss, and go into destruction; and they that harp on the earth will ponder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the establishment of the world, when they view the mammoth that was, and isn’t, but is” – Disclosure 17:8. The mammoth is Satan, which is called snake or monster, He ruleth in men as dimness and obscurity is the falsehood that men got in the Nursery of Eden. Presently that Satan, the dimness is administering, there is no light (Christ) on the planet, except for in the children of God whose names are written in the Book of Life. Amos who was among the herders of Tekoa forecasted concerning this 6th multi-year in this astute: “View the days come saith the Ruler GOD, that I will send starvation in the land, not starvation of bread nor hunger for water, however of hearing the expressions of the Master: And they will meander from ocean to the ocean, and from the north, even toward the east, they will hurry back and forth to look for the expression of the Master, and will not discover it” – Amos 8:11-12. This prediction plainly shows that there has been outright dimness on the planet from the earliest starting point of the 6th thousand years, that haziness (Satan) overpowered the world (man). This is the reason Jesus said that no man can work in murkiness. Each one who has worked or is as yet functioning as a worker from the earliest starting point of the 6th multi-year is a bogus messenger, serving Satan as a pastor. These are the individuals that Missionary Paul alluded to in Corinthians Accordingly: “For such are bogus missionaries, tricky laborers changing themselves into the messengers of Christ and no wonder; for Satan himself is changed into a holy messenger of light. Thusly it is no extraordinary thing if his priests likewise are changed as the clergymen of honesty; whose end will be as indicated by their works” – 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

In any case, if we review that the motivation behind why Satan revolted was because the edges were made serving spirits to serve man, the Children of God – Jews 1:14, and when Satan saw that his resistance couldn’t stop the desire of God which is to live in his children, he chose to battle the children of God; Satan did this by making a man get him in himself, that is the way Satan took a man – the place of God, another is by making man accept lies, and accepting these falsehoods are the works that are done in man – 2Corinthians 5:10, this work is the thing that came about to the pulverization (falling) of the house. In this 6th thousand years, along these lines, Satan is frantically battling, with the help of his pastors to pulverize, on the off chance that it was conceivable, all the children of God so the desire of God won’t be satisfied in his children, since he realizes this is the main possibility left for him, as a thundering wolf.

There are a few records in the sacred text demonstrating the occasions and reign of Satan in the 6th thousand years. Prophet Isaiah’s prediction concerning the 6th thousand years is in truth a well-suited and exact declaration of occasions of today, like Satan (haziness or untruth) has overpowered the earth (man) in his endeavor to obliterate man, hence: “For observe, the obscurity will cover the earth and gross dimness the individuals: yet the Ruler will emerge upon thee, and his magnificence will be seen upon thee. What’s more, the Gentiles will come to thy light, and lords to the splendor of thy rising” – Isaiah 60:2-3. It is this equivalent murkiness that made man not to see nor hear God, however to the children of God who have gotten God through his Soul, which is Christ who is additionally our capacity and shrewdness. Man who has gotten Satan in his body is being taken care of with lies that decimate the body; yet the children of God who have gotten Christ, the Soul of God, are taken care of with reality which is getting ready and culminating us, prepared to assume control over the things that God had arranged for them that adoration him. Ruler Solomon’s model appropriately portrays the circumstance with the children of God. In the wake of the ruler, Solomon was allowed intelligence by God, all the rulers of the earth and for sure the entire world looked for the nearness of Solomon to hear the insight that God had placed in his heart. “And all the rulers of the earth looked for the nearness of Solomon to hear his astuteness, that God had placed in his heart” – 2 Annals 9:23:24.

Presently the children of God are those that have gotten the Soul of God in them (Romans 8:14) and this Soul of God, the Sofa-bed, which is the Heavenly Apparition, is Christ the force and insight of God. This is a similar soul that has uncovered to us (the children of God) everything that is unreservedly given to us of God, along these lines: “Yet God hath uncovered them unto us by his Soul: for the Soul searcheth all things, yea the profound things of God. Presently we have gotten, not the soul of the world, yet the soul which is of God; that we may know the things that are uninhibitedly given to us of God” – 1Corinthians 2:10 and 12. This soul of God can’t be gotten by any of your influential righteous men, your ministers, organizers of places of worship or by whatever name they are called, because they are not serving Christ, nor God the Dad, however, are clergymen of Satan, tricky specialists: who built up those structures which they call chapels, yet which are their chambers and business houses, where they make a product of the individuals. More awful still, they even deal the untruths which they get from Satan and the individuals pursue them and even oppress themselves to these operators of the demon which the witnesses of Christ, who brought the good news of harmony and to whom the expression of compromise is submitted, gave all openly yet the individuals have would not get even free.

One of the more awful however the least demanding ways by which the bogus witnesses isolated the individuals from God is by raising structures and call them places of God, rather than our body which God framed for his brilliance – which is his abode through Christ. All that accept that those structures are the places of God are as of now isolated from God. All that they are doing in those their chambers are in satisfaction of the desire of Satan who, in this 6th thousand years, is gathering his kin through his clergymen to fight against God All-powerful, accordingly: “And when the thousand years are terminated, Satan will be loosed out of his jail. Furthermore, will go out to misdirect the countries which are in the four fourth of the earth, Gog and Magog, to assemble them to fight: the quantity of whom is as the sand of the ocean” – Disclosure 20:7-8. The thousand years that Satan was thrown into the abyss was the fifth thousand years when the holy people managed with Christ as the Heavenly Apparition, toward the finish of which they were removed in what man currently call satisfaction.

These clergymen of Satan have fabricated these houses to accumulate the individuals in favor of Satan to fight against God Omnipotent – Disclosure 16:13-14. Each one that assembles with them in those structures is adversaries of God which must be pulverized.

The motivation behind this disclosure is to arm the individuals who are called by the name of the Ruler, whose names are written in the book of life to isolate yourselves from among them. We realize that they would be irritated and vexed by this disclosures, yet their resentment would be the start of their misfortunes, in this way: “And they went up on the breath of the earth and compassed the camp of the holy people about, and the cherished city: and fire descended from God out of paradise and ate up them, And the villain that misled them was cast into the pool of hell and damnation, where the mammoth and the bogus prophets are and will be tortured day and night for all eternity” – Disclosure 20:9-10.

These clergymen are of the world, subsequently, the world hears and pursues them, however, we are poor people, the stupid and the loathed of this current world that is of a penitent and humble soul. He that heareth us is conceived of God – 1John 4:6. Daniel additionally affirmed this hence: “And, for example, do mischievously against the pledge will be degenerate by honeyed words: however the individuals that do realize their God will be solid and do abuses” – Daniel 11:32. “Furthermore, he stated, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are quit for the day fixed till the hour of the end. Many will be refined and made white and attempted, yet the evil will do fiendish will do mischievously; none of the insidious will see; however the shrewd will comprehend” – Daniel 12:9-10.

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